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8 years of

Putting Her at the Root of S.T.E.M.

Be a part of history by applying to the 2022 SURP Academy

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2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Application and Program

Program Dates

To Be Announced

Application Deadline

11:59PM GMT, June 30th , 2022

ARA-W 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SUPR) Details

  • A stipend for 2 months of participation will be provided

  • Research topic will be determined by the participants and their chosen research faculty

  • member

  • All females majoring in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and attending a University in Ghana are eligible to apply. The application will be reviewed and our staff will select outstanding females to participate in this program.

  • Participant Responsibilities: 

  • Students who agree to participate in the summer research program are required to dedicate a good number of hours to the research for the duration of the 2 months.

  • Students are also expected to participate in a research symposium to present their findings to an audience. Details regarding the symposium will be provided when the students are accepted into the program.

  • Create a report and analysis of findings to be submitted to ARA-W, GH project coordinators and Advisory Board

  • Students will provide a report/take a survey rating their experience in this program

  • Throughout the whole summer, students will meet at the end of every week with their respective faculty mentor or a Student Advisor member to discuss the progress of their research and express any concerns

  • Participating students will also be required to attend all symposiums and all programs provided by the host institution/institute geared towards women empowerment and leadership training

  • Students who will participate in this summer research will be ARA-W alumni. All ARA-W alumni will serve as Ambassadors under the African Research Academies for Women. They will provide mentorship to the next participating students and will work to help encourage more young women to develop an interest in STEM.


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